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uReply is a classroom communication system for use with mobile devices. In other words, teacher asks a question on the teacher computer and students input answers via their own mobile devices such as mobile phones, or tablet/ notebook computers.

CUHK teachers and students
PolyU teachers and students


Designed for interactive classroom

With uReply, teachers can conveniently check understanding of the class at various points of the lesson. Also, every student has a chance to participate in the classroom interactions. Anonymity further promotes students’ engagement in tasks. The system can also be a platform for collecting students’ feedback and questions in text.

uReply is a mobile learning tool developed and used in The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Teachers say…

“I ask students open-ended questions to make students think about controversial issues.”

“I use uReply to encourage group discussions. Students discuss in groups and then key in their group opinions. Sometimes, they are asked to further discuss after seeing their peers’ answers.”

“I ask a question right after teaching a difficult concept to check whether students understand.”

“I use uReply to make Q&A more engaging because all students have the chance to voice out now.”


Students say…

“helped me to stay engaged during class and improved my attendance to class.”

“helped me remember better and pay more attention.”; “better understanding of course content.”

“I saw many classmates( including me ) increased their participation in class under using uReply.”

“more willing to answer questions.”

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