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Student-side questions

Q: Our lessons are in the computer labs but some students cannot get into uReply. It is not wifi problem since students are using the computers in the labs. Do you know why?

Q: Can students use uReply to ask questions, say while they are doing their presentations?

Q: Students complain they cannot load the uReply page or the questions do not show up on their devices. What is likely to be the reason?

Q: What are the other common problems that students meet apart from the internet connection?

Teacher-side questions

Q: I have just finished building a quiz in the Question Bank but I cannot find a way to start the quiz. How can I start a quiz after making it?

Q: Where do I get an uReply account?

Q: I have forgotten my username and/or password, can you retrieve them for me?

Q: How can my students create their accounts to answer my questions?

Q: I am not a teacher but I am a CUHK staff, can I register to use the uReply system?

Q: Are the session number related to the course session number in the registrar?

Q: I think I have the correct username and password but I still cannot login. What is the reason?

Q: Does the Word-cloud support analysis of phases or grouped words?

Q: Can I ask multiple questions at the same time?

Q: How can my TA help me edit the Question Bank?

Q: Do students required to download an App before using uReply?

Q: I clicked the uReply shortcut at the classroom computer and I cannot launch it, why?

Q: Our department has updated the mail server and my email has been updated from xxx@xxx to xxx@yyy, can you help me to change it?

Q:  I cannot type any text in the text area in the Question Bank and some of the functions do not seem to work. Why?

Q: I would like to learn the Classroom wifi capacity, can you let me know the number of students can support in classroom xxxxxx?

Q: Can I preset questions before class instead of creating the question on the fly?

Last update: 18 Sept, 2014
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